akDLN Grows!

The Alaska Distance Learning Network, now in version 3.8/3.9, has been growing and adding clients with their own 'classrooms.' If you have considered having a learning management system (LMS) for training, orientation, project management, etc., the akDLN might be for you.

We use Moodle, a platform with over 159,000 active sites in over 240 countries. It is used by businesses, schools, home schools, and individual trainers. Moodle is open source software, but that does not mean it is 'free.'

You will have IT costs for supplies and personnel. Your biggest needs for expertise are part of what we offer. Mary began dabbling with Moodle in 2002 when it was first published, and has grown with it through its many upgrades. Dan has been a Moodle guru for at least 15 years (he won't reveal the date he first began supporting Moodle sites for schools throughout Alaska!)

Moodle was developed to help educators create online training incorporating interactivity and collaborative construction of learning experiences.

That's what we love to do.
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akDLN Site Gets a New Look

The akDLN (Alaska Distance Learning Network) website has a new look. It continues to describe services and provide a gateway to the learning management system, where courses reside.

Tell us what you think! We would like to hear what works and what needs improvement. See the Contact page to respond.